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Farshu is the leading manufacturer of hotel accessories and has provided innovative variant for a prime period.

Installations can be found in many countries ; contributed products of premium, smart, durable variants than any alternatives. Builds its growth by safeguarding quality and standards. Its sea of products and services seek to improve and enhance productivity, lower costs and protect customer assets with an ECO-friendly perspective. This futuristic approach enabled us with a great market share in our markets internationally.

provides the expected combination of the best in safety and convenience through the finest hospitality products. Our extensive organization ensures a sense of security with the most comprehensive service and support hub in the industry.


We are willing to bring innovative solutions to our customers with an adapted, efficient and personal service. Our aim is to establish a long-running partnership with our customers, considering them as all unique and with different needs which have to be answered promptly and efficiently.


The company draws its strength from values such as perseverance, proximity, dynamism, faith and environmentalism.


The demand for quality is present at all levels, from the slightest component up to the after-sales service.


Thanks to the skilled and experienced staff and to the adapted ERP computer system, our customers orders are personalized and optimized.