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When it comes to in-room safety, you need Farshu digital safes. More than ever your business guests expect a combination of security and convenience which Farshu offers through its state-of-the-art digital locking solutions; powered with advanced microprocessors and most rugged design to suit the security needs of the guests providing maximum security giving you a sense of security.

Security solutions go way beyond recommending hardware. Farshu understands the expected demands and standards of the hospitality industry and gives you a number of extended benefits to enhance services to your in-house guests

The logger unit of the safe is a non-volatile memory system ensuring the secrecy of the passwords even during the absence of battery drives power and also empowers the authorized hotel staff for emergency overrides. It’s applauded attributes and recognition will make you feel at home with finest equipment backed by a professional network of subsidiaries and trained distributors.

Product Code

  • Ivory : 688 101
  • Black : 688 102
  • Grey : 688 103

General Specifications

  • Digital E- locking system
  • Powered encrypted card swipe system
  • Auditable logger unit for emergency over ride
  • Fool proof password protection system
  • Non-volatile memory system
  • Internal visibility light
  • Integrated safe-lock mechanism
  • Size: (H)230 x (W)430 x (D)370

Features & Specifications

  • External Dimensions : 230(H) x 430(W) x 370(D) mm
  • Internal Volume : 200(H) x 427(W) x 310(D) mm
  • Door Thickness : 4 mm - 0.25'
  • Body Thickness : 1.5 mm - 0.079'
  • Weight : 13 kg
  • Power : Uses 4 x 1.5V AA size battery
  • Locking Mechanism : Electronic motorized locking system with a blue display & one cross emergency key
  • Keypad panel : ADA approved Blue Illuminated push button keypad
  • LED display : Blue Color
  • User Operation : 4-6 digit guest selected user code or guest's own credit card can be used to operate the safe
  • Field Programmable : It allows hotel to change to 4-6 digits
  • Screen Audit : Allows a quick screen audit of upto last 100 safe activities on the safe display.
  • Emergency Override : Uses advanced safe logger unit (SLU). Supplies power to safe
  • Memory : It keeps upto the last 200 safe activities
  • Audit trail : Audits upto the last 200 safe activities


  • Laptop Charging : OPTION
  • Inside Light : OPTION
  • 230V AC with battery backup : OPTION
  • Other Available Sizes : 230(H) x 430(W) x 410(D) mm, 195(H) x 355(W) x 430(D) mm, 195(H) x 355(W) x 270(D) mm